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Vehicle Interior Odor Removal in Maplewood, MN

If your vehicle has a strong odor such as a musty mold type of odor, or an odor of stale cigarettes the best way to remove that odor is with our effective Bio-Pure Auto Inoculator.

BioPure Odor Removal from $99.95

Effectively removes odors from:
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Pet Odors & Stains
  • Mold, Mildew & Allergens
  • Food Odors

We recommend: BioPure Odor Treatment with Interior Detail from $189.95 (save $30!)

Why BioPure?

  • BioPure uses Nano technology to decompose organic odors, while ecapsulating inorganic matter.
  • Water based, no VOCs
  • Aluminum Dioxide is UV activated, so product continues to work while vehicle is in the the sunlight.
  • Leaves a pleasant New Car/Leather fragrance.

BioPure Odor Inoculator - Frequently Asked Questions

Is this different than just spraying an air freshener in my car?
Absolutely! We begin by wiping down all of the hard plastic/vinyl surfaces with a special Bio Pure Shock product. After the hard surfaces have been treated, a special Auto Inoculator Machine is placed in the vehicle and run for approximately 20 minutes. Bio Pure "smoke" will engulf the interior of the vehicle, penetrating into every nook and cranny, eliminating any and all of the foul odors left behind from day to day use.

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